Author: The Roaming Texan

Romania: Friends, Food, and War Relief Efforts

Before visiting Romania, I never really thought about traveling there. It wasn’t at the top of my bucket list (although very few places aren’t somewhere on the list). I knew very little about the country and its culture. I’m always up for an adventure, though, so when our friends, Peter and Estzer, invited us to […]

Life in Watercolor

Artist Profile: Watercolor Artist Mary Skow Watercolor artist Mary Skow didn’t always think of herself as an artist. She taught art and even served as the resident artist at St. Thomas Episcopal School for several years, but still, she says, “I’d shy away from calling myself an artist. For the longest time, I held back. […]

Hiking for Health (And fun!)

Why 52 hikes?It’s a question I get almost every time I post a picture tagged #52hikechallenge2021. The short answer is that I’m hiking for health—and because it’s fun. Life had zapped my mental energy before 2020 even started. Setting any goal felt out of reach. We were still very much in transition in our return […]