Hi, I’m Erin.

I was born with the gypsy gene. It’s a real thing. (Look it up!) I love to travel, explore, eat, and take pictures—which is why I’m the roaming Texan. Life is better when I can do all those things at once!

My roots are in Texas, but I feel at home just about anywhere—and I can never wait for the next adventure. More than a few times, people have called me out on my wanderlust, wondering why I can’t just stay in one place and build a traditional life. But traditional has never been my style. I love to roam, whether that means living in a new place every few years or just visiting on a long road trip or even a quick, #GetLostFriday daytrip. Roaming, for me, is part of what makes life fun!

I am profoundly grateful for this big wide world and what I’ve been lucky enough to see of it. Wherever I am, I want to soak up as much beauty and wonder as I can—and I want to share those experiences with you.

TheRoamingTexan.com is my home base for sharing the best places, stories, and fabulous foods and finds I’ve discovered in Texas and places farther flung.

If you’re like me and you love your Texas roots (whether you’re homegrown, transplanted, or currently uprooted) AND you love to spread your wings, I hope you’ll join me for this adventure!

This is going to be fun!